Nat West Community Force

Thankyou to everyone who voted for us!

We did it! We’ve won £6000 – and it’s all thanks to you. We’re so pleased and excited about what this means to our clubs future and development.
The final figures are in and we came first place in the area with 344 votes. Congrats also to the Noahs Ark Appeal and VEST who came 2nd and 3rd and also win themselves £6000!

What do we want to spend the money on?

We’re going to use this money to greatly increase the amount of bocking sessions we can hold and to cover a wider area. We plan to buy new stilts and training equipment that will last for years and years to come, providing the maximum benefit to as many people as possible.

  • New stilts for public sessions including several pairs of the new junior projumps
  • Crash Mats – essential for safety when training.
  • Cheerleading mats – these provide a good solid floor to develop skills on and nice soft landing.
  • Training equipment – various gymnastic training aids
  • More sessions in Cardiff, Swansea, Torfean and Rhondda Cynon Taf.
  • Update March 2012: The Welsh Bockers have just purchased a second hand minibus from a church in south wales. This means it is far easier for us to transport people to and from our events across the country and provide transport space for equipment. We’ll have more details soon!

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