Welshbockers Membership

Enter our discount code in the checkout area on projump.co.uk or ghostbikes.co.uk to get a discount on your order.
The code is: wb2011
Join the UK’s first jumping stilts club this year for 20 quid!

For this year only we are slashing the price of club membership to £20 – THAT’S HALF PRICE!
Membership runs from April 1st each year. If you join after October you pay just the monthly equivalent remaining in the year and then renew in April.

Membership includes:

  • Covered by our Public Liability Insurance
  • £2 Gym Sessions!
  • Club T shirt with your name on the back
  • Learn to perform in front of a live crowd
  • Take part at festivals and events and earn some money

Before you join the club it is a good idea to get your stilts first. Although the club has stilts which we let people use, we don’t allow them to be taken home.
You can read our buying guide here and don’t forget to use our discount code on projump.co.uk

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