Welshbockers History

Back in 2006 bocking was a brand new sport in the UK and not many people had stilts at all. We cant really guess how many people in the average town had stilts but those who actively searched out other bockers online were usually just 1 or 2.

The WB’s were one of the first regional groups formed in November 2006. We were part of a small collection of groups that really pioneered this sport in the UK. The others were the Jurassic Jumpers based in Dorset and the Riser Raptors based in Plymouth.
As our numbers quickly increased we regularly travelled over 200 miles away to meet up with other bockers who we had never met before but shared the common interest. These meets in turn led to bigger meet ups taking place until eventually Capital Bocking was born in London 2007.
Also in 2007 saw our members increase just down the road in Swansea. Both the Cardiff crew and Swansea crew would regularly travel to each others city for a bocking session usually at Cardiff Bay or at the LC2 in Swansea or at a local leisure centre for indoor gym sessions.

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