Public Sessions

We first started public sessions after the enormous success of our workshops at various summer festivals in 2009. We had many people get in touch with us after the events wanting to know more about bocking and could they have another go.

Who are we to say no?

We have 4 pairs of adult stilts and 3 pairs of junior stilts which are all new with very little use. You hire these stilts for the duration of the session and have your own personal tutor to make sure you learn the basics as quickly and as safely as possible.

Choosing the correct size stilt

When we say size we mean the strength of the spring. If the spring is too powerful you will find it very difficult to jump.
Please choose the size closest to your total body weight, with shoes on. If you need help with this please ask us before booking.

Adult 60kg – we have 2 pairs of these
Adult 70kg – we have 1 pair of these
Adult 80kg – we have 1 pair of there

Junior 40kg – we have 2 pairs of these
Junior 50kg – we have 1 pair of these

These stilts are booked on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions about public sessions then hopefully the answers below will help you. Of course you can always email, text or call us or post any questions in our discussion forum.

How much does it cost?
Are there any age or height restrictions?
What do I need?
Is it dangerous?
What will I learn?

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